• The high efficient single screw extruder is designed with HYPET technology,
  • The die head is spiral type. it is suitable for the high output type
  • The electric components are made in RKC Japan, contacts are Siemens .
  • AC control is ABB or DELTA type
  • The barrel is made of 38CrMoAlA. Nitrated, feeding zone is special alloy
  • Screw is made of 38CrMoAlA, Nitrated hardness is HV900-1000
  • The cutting system is warfless in advance technology.
  • The technology of PPR pipe processing could be offered after confirmation of the order free of charge.

Main consists of the WPC profile factory

1. crusher— for recycling

2. mixer– for different color pattern

3. molds– for different shapes

4. profile extrusion line


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