12 inch large diameter clear  pvc pipe extrusion machine

Configuration list

SNItems Choosing configurationOther option
1 Production control systemDigital is for optionPLC control system
2Cooling system electric cabinetFan coolingAir conditioner cooling cabinet
3Main motorAC motor DC motor
4Pressure sensortemperature control & pressure control Dynisco
5Core thermoregulation controlInternal closed loop heat balancing systemExternal heat control option
6Screw & barrel Nitro Alloy with bi-metal Nitro with Alloy plating
7Quantitative feeding system’ssingle screwDouble screw
8Pipe calibrator sleeveCopper calibrator sleeveStainless steel sleeve
9CutterPlanetary cutter with chamferingUpstroke Saw Cutter

Condition of use

1. Technical features of whole line

SN Specification Description
1 Suitable material PVC mixed powder
2 Pipe diameter range Ø315~Ø800mm
3 Production speed 3 m/min
4 Max. output 350~450 kg/h
5 Test and accept Based on HYPET standard formula
6 Center height 1,100mm
7 Whole line size (L x W x H) 30,000 x 2,100 x 2,200mm
8 Operation direction From right to left
9 Color of equipment HYPET white color
10 Control of whole production Refer to the “configuration list”.


2. Circumstances condition

SN Condition Specification Description
1 Natural  circumstance  condition Power source No dangerous area
Working place Indoor use
Humidity 55%~85% no condensation
Temperature 0~40 ℃
2 Electricity  source Installation capacity 105 kW
Power supply 3P+N+PE
Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz
3 Cooling water Water pressure ≥0.3MPa
Temperature ≤15 ℃
Flow ~15 m3/h

Air condition

Flow ~0.9 m3/min
Compressor air pressure ≥0.6MPa

 3.Consist of parts

Completely line
SN Parts name Quantity
1 Conic twin screw extruder HYZS-95/192 1 set
2 Die head: 315~800mm with 3 pressure grade 1 set
3 Auto control vacuum tank in 9m 1 set
4 Cooling tank in 6m 1 set
5 Haul off unit with Servo control, 8 claw type 1 set
6 Planetary cutter in new type 1 set
7 Stacker 1 set


Main specification:

1, HYZS-95/192 conic twin screw extruder

Barrel is Nitro Alloy with bi-metal in two parts for longer working life.

Screw has internal closed loop heat balancing system by means of distilled water

The harden and ground gear box is made with German technology.

Twin output shaft Helical Gear Box. Gears are hardened and ground.

Both output shafts are integral with high capacity thrust bearings to absorb axial thrust generated during the extrusion process

Gear box housing is made of high quality Ductile iron QT-500.

Lubricating pump with Heat Exchanger, oil filter and oil flow indicator are provided for force lubrication of Thrust Gear box.

The gears and bearings are forced lubricated.

Gear box lube oil is circulated in a closed loop through heat exchanger to maintain optimum oil temperature in gearbox.

Vacuum degassing system along with dust collector having bypass system & Vacuum pump.

Extruder mounted on rigid structural steel frame.

Quantitative feeding system with twin screw structure to avoid stagnant material.

Plug & Socket for Die head heating zones, Connecting head & Melt temperature indicator.

Display Of Heating current for each temperature zone, manual override on all zones in case of sensor failure.

Drive control panel, equipped with panel water cooler,

placed besides heating control panel with Independent Isolator for essential power supply.

Other eclectic and pneumatic components are made in world famous brand such as from Japan, Siemens.

SN Parts name Specification Description
1 Extruder Output 700-800kg/h
Center height 1100mm
Weight 8500kg
2 Screw Material 38CrMoAlA + special alloy
Diameter Ø92/188 mm
Finish Nitrogen-filled (0.50~0.70mm depth) and polish, hardness is HV900
Rotate speed 0~38 r/min
Core of the screw Auto control for temperature
3 Barrel Material 38CrMoAlA with bi-metal type
Inside finish Nitrogen-filled (0.50~0.70mm depth) and polish hardness HV900
Heating control area 7 areas
Heating way Copper cooling fins with ceramic heaters
Heating power 60 kW
Cooling system Low-noisy barrel cooling fan
Cooling power 0.3kW x 3 sets + 0.5 sets x 2 sets
4 Gear box Gear material 20CrMnTi
Housing material Ductile iron QT-500
Gear surface Hardened and ground in high precision
Axis material 40Cr
5 Feeder Speed range 1-50 RPM
Supplying material motor 2.2 kW
Inverter ABB
6 Vacuum pump Vacuum degree -0.004Mpa
Motor power 3.2 kW
7 Driver motor AC motor power 110 kW
AC inverter controller ABB

2, Die head for PVC pipe 315~800mm               

With HYPET brighter which make the pipe surface is bright.

The pressure class and pipe standard will be made according to the requirement.

The spider concept ensures excellent, outstanding & consistent pipe quality due to ideal dwell time of melt throughout.

The cross section of the die. Homogenous melt distribution with temperature control through number of zones for high through puts.

Thickness control at higher throughput rates and eliminates spider marks allowing better mechanical properties of the pipes.

Materials of construction – Alloy steel with flow path hard chrome plated.

The flow path are milled and are highly polished.

Mica heaters are provided for die heating.

SN Specification Description
1 Design method According to tech from Germany
2 Sizes for pipe 160, 200, 250, 315mm (or 6”~12”) with 3 pressures.
3 Material of die head 40Cr with special alloy
4 Material of calibrating sleeves Stainless steel with chrome plated
5 Flow channel Chrome plated
6 Pipe Bright function With HYPET brighter
7 Heater Mica stainless steel heaters

3, Vacuum tank  315~800mm           

The vacuum pump is in high quality, the pipe will be formed by vacuum.

Vacuum Calibrator is with integrated leg & platform.

Atomized intensive cooling arrangement through optimized positions of spray nozzles.

Screen water filter with bypass system, solenoid valve at entry & exit, float switch.

Temperature controller in close loop water temperature system to maintain water level & temperature in the tank.

Vacuum release valve manual as well as solenoid operated.Visual inspection window is provided at the entry of the tank.

Height adjustment on wheels & Motorized longitudinal movement & manual cross adjustment.

Polygonal type construction helps to increase cooling area & Solid Cone Spray nozzles for better cooling efficiency.

Control panel with remote operation of tank longitudinal movement.

Parts name Specification Description
Vacuum  tank Material Stainless steel 304
Length 9000mm
Center height 1000 mm
Dia. range 315-800mm
No. of pipes 1 pipe
Movable motor power 1.1 kW
Moving range of front & rear 1300 mm
Left and right adjustment 50mm
Cover on the top aluminium alloy
Nozzle spry system Number of Nozzles 800 pcs
Spray pipe numbers 6pcs
Nozzle type Atomized intensive cooling
Spraying mouth 1inch x ø4~ø3
Pipe supporter Fixed geared type supporter
Water temperature and level  control Water temperature control Auto valve control
Water level control Floating ball close loop system
Pressure safety Safety valve installed
Water Filter Filter 2 sets in G2” with by pass way
Clean the filter By pass line for cleaning the filter
Vacuum cyclone Yes, with it
Silence function Silence device
Vacuum pump Vacuum pump motor power 5.5 kW x 2 sets
Pump type Siemens
Vacuum suction nozzle Two gate in each side of the tank
Water pump Water input pipe size G1”
Water output pipe size G2”
Water pump motor power 7.5 kW x 2 sets

4, Cooling tank  315~800mm       

Tank body adopts stainless steel material, electric control, can move forward and backward.

High capacity filter sieve, ensure spraying water volume and cleanliness.

Spray nozzles adopt solid cone high-pressure spray nozzles, reasonble layout, f

ront dense and back loose, to make speed cooling.

Specification Description
Pipe range Ø315~Ø800mm
No.of pipes 1 pipe
Length of vacuum box 6,000mm
Construction Spraying method
Pump power 5.5kW x 2 set
No.of nozzle 320 pcs
No.of filter 2 pcs
Bypass and No. 2 pcs
Water level control way Float valve
Cover material Side aluminium
Spray box material Stainless steel 304
Water temperature control Automatic regulating valve
Input pipe G1”
Output pipe G2”

5, Haul off machine 315~800mm
Consists of top and bottom support which houses chain driven jaws with V- rubber profile.
Bottom support is fixed one and top support is pneumatically operated by two sets of cylinders on either side.
Independent special characteristic Vector AC strong Geared motor for each traction.

Parts name Specification Description
Haul off machine Haul off type Upstroke in 8 claws type haul-off
Center height 1000mm
For Pipe size Ø315~Ø800mm
Driving method Driven by rubber blocks
Driving speed 1.5 m/min
Motor type AC inverter motor
Motor power 1.1 kW servo x 6 sets in ABB inverter
Caterpillar Contacted caterpillar length 2,300mm
Max. driving power 60,000 N
Gear box Motor with strong helical gear box
Width of caterpillar 74mm
Caterpillar control One cylinders in each chain side
Metering system Code installed
Adjusting cylinder Adjusting mode Pneumatic
Press pressure on the pipe Adjusted by pneumatic valves
Down caterpillar position Adjusted by mechanics
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Max opening distance 850mm

6, Planetary cutter with chamfering 315~800mm 
Planetary cutter to save the material and Environmental protection.
Cut neatly bright
Low noise and energy saving.
Cast aluminum blocks for clamping pipe
Carriage made of Aluminum is mounted on hardened and hard chrome plated guide bar with linear motion bearings..

SN Parts name Specification Description
1 Cutter Cutting type Planetary cutting
Blade style Saw bit + chamfering
Control system PLC automatic control system
Cutting range Ø315~Ø800mm
Max. cutting thickness 50 mm
Cutting speed 1.5 m/min
Center height 1,100mm
Synchronization mode Servo motor
2 Cutting blade Cutter motor power 4 kW x 1 set
Revolution motor power 1.5kW x 1 set
Cutter feeding Hydraulic feed
Cutter material Tool alloy
Cutter chamfer Separate chamfering blade
Cutting hydraulic system 0.75 kW hydraulic station
Clamping type Roller + cylinder rubber block

7, Stacker                                           

The tripping chute is made from MS rigid structural steel.

Stainless flat type Tilting table provided for smooth scratch less pipe moment.

Tilting table is Pneumatically operated

Limit switches with adjustable bracket provided to cut various pipe length.

Integral stand provided for pipe stacking.

SN Specification Description
1 Tilting table Pneumatically operated
2 Nominal length 4.5 mtrs
3 Material of tripping chute MS rigid structural steel
4 Control method PLC control

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